Maintenance Manager

Nơi làm việc: Bình Dương

Cấp bậc: Quản lý

Hình thức: Nhân viên chính thức

Bằng cấp: Đại Học

Kinh nghiệm: 5 năm

Mức lương: Thoả thuận

Ngành nghề: Các ngành khác

Phòng ban:

Hạn chót nộp đơn: 30/09/2018

Nộp đơn

Maintenance Manager


1.Report to/ Báo cáo cho

Operations Director

2.Main purpose/ Vai trò

  • Leading, managing and controlling engineering activities in the Plant including Utility area, Cool Storage areas and support copacker to achieve functional and Plant KPIs with most efficient utilization of the available sources and approved cost while comply with Pepsi policy and local law.
  • Build organization capability to achieve business growth and improve capability continuously.

3.Accountabilities/ Nhiệm vụ

1. Maintenance activities

a) Design, regularly revise and oversee maintenance programs (PM,AM, repairing) to achieve:

  • Machine and equipment are in good operation condition, reliability and availability ( in plant plus cool storage)
  • Machine and equipment are in highest efficiency as designed
  • Unscheduled downtime controlled in AOP objectives
  • Machine and equipment satisfy Foods safety standard (GMP and AIB)
  • Machine and equipment being maintained and operated in safety complying with PI standards (MESS)

a) Oversee to ensure these programs being implemented and comply with SOPs, policy

b) Ensure preventive maintenance plan (PMP) revised and updated periodically being suitable with business contact.

c) Plan, lead implementation and cooperate procurement to ensure parts in place for maintenance activities and stock within approved budget to avoid idle machines due to lack of parts while complying with procurement SOPs and policy.

d) Contact, work with service providers and contractors for relevant maintenance activities.

2. Budget control and Report:

a) Develop AOP repair and maintenance(R&M) budgets and control the expenditure.

b) Develop and implement AOP Capex budget relation to maintenance activities.

c) Tracks, analyzes and improves key maintenance parameters (unscheduled downtime, R&M cost, PM compliance, schedule compliance, Utility energy consumption, monthly Department scorecard, CAPEX spending…..)

3. Organization capability:

a) Monitor activity in maintenance follow process, system and guideline such as: I2C, GMP, AIB, 5S, ISO…. For PI, Non PI, contractor (anyone present at plant).

b) Set objectives, assess performance & provide feedback to team as Performance Management Process

c) Suggest and provide recognition & discipline to the team

d) Coach, develop functional capability to the team

e) Monitor staff turnover and provide action plan to solve such problem.

f) Communicates regularly with all maintenance technicians, both individually and as a group, to ensure good two-way communication concerning maintenance issues.

g) Creating a cherishing working environment via empowering, work-life balancing and building the trust

4. Projects & Copacker deployment:

a) Support and advise engineering aspect during deploying projects (CAPEX, OPEX).

b) Support and advise engineering aspect to build footprint for SBP.

c) Support and advise engineering aspect and CAPEX deployment for copacker.

4. Requirements/ Tiêu chí cần thiết

  • University graduated in Engineering.
  • At least 5 years of maintenance management or project management.
  • Intermediate English and computer (Word, Excel, Powerpoint,Autocad) skill.
  • Good communication, negotiation, analytical, problem solving, project management skills
  • Result-oriented and work under high pressure.

This Job Description is only general guideline and subject to change depending on business requirements and situations. Accordingly, adjustment shall be made by the Company from time to time.

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Chức danh: Maintenance Manager

Nơi làm việc: Bình Dương

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